mourning cross pins

When we lose a loved one, our lives change forever. We want the world to stop – but it doesn’t.

We expect everyone to have heard of our loss – but they haven’t.

We grieve and try to get back to normality – but it’s difficult. Sometimes very difficult.

Wearing a bereavement pin is one way of remembering a loved one and is an outward expression of inner grief.

When we are grieving people want to support us. They want to show us they care. But often they don’t know. Wearing a bereavement pin is a respectful way of saying silently “I am grieving”. It is a way of expressing to others that you are not your usual self – that you are still mourning a loss.

Why are bereavement pins important?

Mourning Cross’ Bereavement Pins are Symbols

We use signs and symbols in our daily lives all the time. A green cross outside a shop represents a pharmacy, a pink pin represents cancer. We even use flower button pins to identify the groom and their immediate family members at weddings.

Symbols are important to help steer people in the right direction and to communicate meaning.

So why are bereavement pins important?

For people attending a wake and Funeral

  • They identify the appropriate family members with whom to sympathize.
  • People feel the value of their attending the wake and funeral and being able to express their condolences to the mourning family members.
  • The dread, embarrassment, and uncomfortable feelings of attending a wake and funeral are removed for everyone
  • Work colleagues of the deceased who may not have previously met the family find it easier to introduce themselves and share wonderful stories about the deceased.
  • People no longer need to ask the funeral director to point out family members when attending a wake.

Families who wear the lapel pins

  • All of the grieving family members are now acknowledged.
  • Family members who moved away from the area for a long time are recognized, acknowledged, and feel equally respected.
  • Families acknowledge the value of the comforting words and cherished memories shared by people who knew the deceased but not the family.
  • Family members no longer need to have someone to take the lead in introducing immediate family members to people.

Funeral Directors organising a Funeral

  • Funeral Directors are no longer mistaken for family members
  • Funeral Directors no longer need to spend time pointing out family members to people attending the wake/visitation and funeral.
  • Funeral Directors no longer have to try and describe family members to a colleague/staff who will be assisting throughout the wake and funeral.
  • Funeral Directors acknowledge the benefits of the symbols and have stated that they add value for the small financial outlay.

The symbols are available with a traditional Christian cross and a non-denominational Circle of Life.  They both have a motif of a wide-spanned dove in the centre. We also provide both a white cross and a circle which are worn by children.

The bereavement pins have a butterfly clasp and are suitable to be worn on all clothing.

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