When it comes to wakes and funerals children seem to be overlooked to a large extent. That has been my observation and personal experience during wakes and funerals of people I have lost at a very young age. A pat on the head, a smile but that’s it. Adults underestimate the importance of acknowledging the little children following the loss of a significant adult and the importance of affording children the same respect they offer adults. For that reason, we have developed white bereavement pins for children.

To comfort a 7 year old child whose father died, Frank Immordino Owner/Senior Director at Brenna Funeral Home Pennsylvania; pinned a Mourning Cross to a little boys fathers lapel pin in his coffin, he then pinned a white cross to the little boys baseball cap explaining that he and his father would be connected forever…..

Supporting a child during a time of grief is life changing in helping them understand that life is a cycle, everything and everyone will die, sometimes people are here for different lengths of time; and although our loved one’s are not with us here physically, they are in that place from which we came before birth, they are with us in the non-physical. When we want and need them… we must trust that they are with us and allow our loved one’s to give us signs that are we have asked for, they can only respond when we are truly listening.