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life after death?

Over the years I’ve been searching for answers. Where have our loved one’s gone? Is there a heaven or hell? Does God exist? Will we see our loved one’s again? What is this life all about?

I’ve struggled with grief and loss over the years and have turned to books on the subject of religion, the spiritual realm, grief, and loss. I’ve listened to testimonials about near death experiences. My search for answers has led me to many great teachings and words of wise counsel. Words that have resonated through to my core. And I’ve come to a few conclusions that have supported through the processes of grief that I have experienced in my life. Put  simply, we came from somewhere, and we’re all going to eventually return to that place. 

So where is that place?

All of my reading and studying hasn’t really answered my questions, but it has given me a different perspective to life after death.