blue sky with clouds

Is there really life after death?

That’s a question we’ve all struggled with.

Where do our loved ones go?

Is there a heaven or hell?

Does God exist? Are they with him? Will we see them again?

Over the years I’ve been searching for answers. I’ve read hundreds of books on the subject of religion, the spiritual, grief, and loss. I’ve listened to testimonials about near death experiences. And my search has led me to many great teachings and words of wise counsel. Words that have resonated through to my core. And I’ve come to a few conclusions that have supported through the processes of grief I’ve experienced. Put most simply, we came from somewhere, and we’re all going to eventually return to that place. And I believe there will be rest from our labour. I believe our conduct here has bearing on where we’re going and that doing the right things here, means a greater peace there. I truly believe that and it matters to me, it matters to me that if we are the very best that we can be as people, and strive to do the right things and make the lives of others around us a better place, the universe recognizes that.

And that gives me a sense of peace, knowing that there is something out there that recognizes when we’re good people, and that that something offers us rest and respite.