grieving woman with hands in front of her face
pins worn so people know who the family is and help with the healing

Mourning Cross Bereavement Pins

An outward expression of loss, grief, and mourning

Developed to be worn by the immediate family members of the deceased to help visitors to the wake and funeral identify the appropriate family members with whom to sympathise and as outward expression of loss during a mourning period.

mourning pin in the shape of a cross with a dove

“Grief is what one feels on the inside, mourning is the outward expression of that grief, the external and visible expression of what is experienced on the inside.” Dr Don Eisenhauer Author: Coaching at End of Life

Remembering the departed and respecting the grieving.” 

By wearing a Mourning Cross Bereavement pin it makes it easier to be recognized.

Those we love do not go away, they walk beside us everyday unseen, unheard but always near…still loved, still missed, and very dear.

Grieve but not for too long….

Mourning Cross pins
can be purchased singularly
or in packages of 5 or 10 pins.

Funeral Directors
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for trade prices.