Testimonials from loved ones

I just like the idea of showing your loss in a simple understated way, the Mourning Cross bereavement pins are perfect to do that.

Sandra Philips

I went to a funeral yesterday and was delighted to see the family wearing the Mourningcross, it made such a difference being able to identify the family that I needed to shake hands with.  The crosses are very rich looking.

Bernie Mc Keown

Dear Mourning Cross, When I saw your add in Irelands own back in 2011, I was very impressed by your concern for people in their time of distress and sadness being able to be easily identified by those that come to share in their grief but may not have known the family of their friend/co-worker/ associate. I am the oldest child in a family of seven children and my parents have been blessed with many grand, great grand, and great-great grandchildren. We are scattered all over California, The Us, Fiji, Europe, etc. and the ability for us to all know each other becomes more and more difficult as time and space keep us from that possibility. My Mother is now (2013) 93 years old and for the most part in good health but in 2011 there were a lot of things that transpired to cause me to consider my mom not being here forever and possibly sooner rather than later. I contacted you by e-mail to enquire about your products availability and cost to someone here in America as there is nothing at all like this here that I have heard of. Your response was considerate and informative and you sent me a sample cross and dove. How awesome it was to see them in my hand and realize that they would easily blend into someones clothing without being overly conspicuous. I approached my Mother with my desire to purchase these for our family members for when she goes to be with The Lord and she loved the idea and the product and so approved of my request. As the oldest there are many things I must consider and although this never entered my mind, and there was nothing like it when Dad died, I believed (and still believe) this to be a great sentiment for family to have, not only at the viewing and funeral, but for as long as one would care to wear it for their own peace and desire to show they haven’t forgotten their loved one. After or ding enough (for 50+ people) and receiving them I mentioned them to others and as God would have it I have had a few opportunities to share from my stock some of these pins with friends grieving over the passing of loved ones and have given away at least thirty five (35) for them to share with their family or to have for themselves. Just recently (3 weeks ago) a deer friend died and his parents and sibling + other family
asked me to be involved in the service for him. I took twenty pins for them to have if they wanted them and they used all twenty and were very thankful for them and know how they came into being. While giving these to them the funeral director saw me doing this so I approached him and explained what they were and that I wasn’t selling them. He really was impressed with the pins and asked me to get him the information about them. I brought him some pamphlets I had and asked if if could send you his contact information and have you make contact with him directly. He was very open to this and indicated an interest possibly making them available to those that he assists through their grieving. I am so pleased that this could become a product here in my community and I think this is a product that is both comforting and affordable, being useful to loved ones long after the funeral has ended but memories linger on. Thank you for your thoughtfulness and inventiveness in your consideration of others going through this difficult event and finding a way for others to be able to know who family is and to offer their condolences and regards. God speed and may this spread comfort in Ireland, Europe. And the USA and beyond. Thank you and God bless.

Don McMillen

I’ve seen the lapel pins worn at a wake and funeral and I knew straight away why they were being worn.  They make it so easy to pay your respects to all of the family, they are really lovely and a fantastic idea.  

Aileen Rocks

A wonderful way to remember your loved ones.

Diana Street

We recently wore the mourning cross at a family funeral and we thought it was a lovely idea. The crosses are simple and very respectful and something that you would certainly want to hang onto after the funeral as a keep sake.

Tara Gorman

What a great idea, it is so hard walking past family members that you don’t know especially when you haven’t seen the family in a long time.

Kathleen Keegan

I came across your products on the internet and really like it. I will be using for my own personal use. Mary Both my parents passed away in past year. As you can imagine I am grieving, the crosses are really lovely. I feel that it is very important to acknowledge when someone is grieving.


I am delighted to see an old tradition coming back, especially one that will help identify the family and ensure that all of the family are respected.

A Mc Veigh

The crosses are beautiful.  The simplicity, quality and design are very nice. Just to have an outlet to show my grief “appropriately” is a relief.

Mary Northrup

Very moving and an extremely practical idea to help people.


Dear Kate and Mourning Cross family, Just a note to thank you for the wonderful pins that have blessed over 50 family members and several others as we remember my wonderful Mother with these pins. They have drawn appreciative remarks from many that have seen family wearing them. This may seem like such a simple creation but I tell you it is truly a keepsake and can, and will be worn over and over again. Thank you for a lasting memory of an awesome memorial and a reminder of where mom is and who she is with, Jesus. We will see her again and until we do your pins are a part of the memories that remind us of how fortunate we have been.

Ron Mc Millian

Mourningcross you are doing wonderful work. My sister-in-law just lost her mother and I know how meaningful the Mourningcross Bereavement pins are.

Julie Krempa.

Dear Kate, I am just writing to thank you for your wonderful Mourning Cross Bereavement Pins.. My mother died recently. We, the family, wore yours Pins for the duration of mourning and funeral. I know my mother would be very proud to see us clearly identified. Your Pins are of a very high calibre and by wearing same the family felt more united in their grieving and respect for our departed mother. Compliments were paid to us with special mention of your pins. I would like to sincerely thank you for making our mothers passing a more respectful occasion and I wish your company every success in the future. I will certainly be recommending your pins to others.

Yours Sincerely Gerry Gaule.....

The Mourning Cross is not just for the day of the Funeral – it can be worn at any time to remind ourselves that we miss our departed loved one – every time we wear the cross. It is a lovely emblem.

Richard Hall

Really lovely idea of bringing back a traditional way of the family identifying that they are bereaved into the 21st century in a sensitive way.

Valarie Vetter

Thank you so much I am delighted with them.  They are beautiful, and so reasonably priced. I couldn’t believe I got them so soon either,  they are a great idea, years ago women wore black mantilla’s (black lace scarf) men wore a black arm band or a diamond made of black cloth, so you could distinguish the mourner’s, but as you say there’s nothing like that now, it can be very embarrassing and stressful to sympathise with the wrong people. So well done for coming up with the cross and symbols, my brother and sister died both in the one month last March we will wear the symbols on their anniversary.

Michelle Mc Cormack

I do love the concept. I think it is effective at funerals, for sure. I think it also has a very important application in the workplace – a subtle way of letting people know you’ve been bereaved. Charles Cowling The Good Funeral Guide I love the mourningcross. I wear it all the time, I feel it is keeping me in touch with my loved ones, it is a terrible pity to let old traditions fade away with modern times, it’s nice to wear a symbol of mourning with pride in remembrance of our loved ones.

Alice Brooks

I saw your lovely product on RIP.ie and I think it is a fantastic idea. I will wear the cross at my dad’s second anniversary mass.


Hi Kate. I want to thank you again for the pin you sent me. It has brought me such comfort and I have proudly worn it until a week ago. My co-workers grandson was tragically killed. He was shot in the head and chest at a very very close range by someone he knew. Achamma is my co-workers name and it nearly killed her. She brought up this kid from the time he was a toddler until his death at 21 years old. i took off my pin and put it on her and said, ” This pin was given to  me by kind and generous person. it has brought me comfort and now i give to you and i pray that it may also bring you comfort.” i just wanted to share that with you Kate, since you are very much a part of that pin………..

Nueva Deleon

The cross is very nicely done and a wonderful idea, especially for people turning up at funerals who knew the deceased but didn’t know the immediate family. I wish you every success with your venture. Quentin Reynolds England Well done on this wonderful idea and the respectful website. Good luck for the future.

Ita Erlean

I have seen the cross being worn at a wake and funeral and think they are really eloquent and respectful, it made attending the wake so much easier as I was able to go straight to the immediate family members. It is such a brilliant idea.

K. Mc Cool

What a great idea to revive an old tradition, especially one that helps the family and people coming to pay their respects.

Peter Smith

Testimonials from funeral directors

When first approached about the idea of the Mourning Cross, we could see its potential not only from its purpose of identifying immediate family members at wakes and ceremonies, but also as a keepsake for family members. As they embark on their journey through grief, we believe the Mourning Cross provides them with a link to the funeral ceremonies. This association is most important as many families feel that the ceremonies will be forgotten, as will their loved one, over a short space of time. The Mourning Cross keeps the memory of those times when the esteem in which the deceased was held was most evident through the numbers attending the wake and ceremonies. In addition, the poem on the presentation card has proved very comforting to the bereaved. We use the Mourning Cross as a gift from us to the family to emphasise our continuous care and assistance throughout funeral ceremonies and beyond.

Annette and Gerard Quinn

Quinn's Funeral Homes Dundalk

I have not seen memorial pins in any service recently conducted and would like to introduce it to our Funeral home. What a wonderful idea to bring something traditional back and how helpful to the bereaved.

Xsara Hale

Funeral Director

We believe the Family Mourning Cross provides an added value to our Funeral services, and whilst optional we believe families will also see the benefit for visitors attending the wake and funeral.

Ciaran Heaney

Heaney Keenan Funeral Director Newry

We have been using the Mourningcross/circle for over a year now and must say they are very respectful. Families really benefit from them and we now find that we are being asked for them. The lapel pins really support visitors and ease the discomfort when attending a wake and funeral. We are delighted to be associated with the family of Mourningcross.

Paul Mc Evoy

Funeral Director Newry

We would like to congratulate Mourning cross on this great idea. We started using the cross in November and all the families we have suggested using the crosses have been very impressed with the idea. First it identifies the immediate family members, but I think more so than anything the cross looks very respectful. A number of Families have used the poem on the back of the card as a reflection. Family members keep the crosses as a remembrance of the Funeral.

Rosemary Rodgers

Mc Geough Funeral Directors Dundalk

As one of the first Funeral Directors to provide the Family Mourning Cross, we are delighted that it is proving to be an invaluable service for families and visitors attending the wake and funeral during what is a very difficult time. We are delighted at how well the Cross has been received by families.

Tony Shevlin

Shevlin Funeral Directors Dundalk

Testimonials from others

I’m thrilled with their quality, and permanence. They are both practical and beautiful; ultimately becoming a treasured keepsake, expressing the essence of what it means to “transcend”.

Kim Stacy

Founder and CEO at Association of Women Funeral Directors, Online Content and Copywriter at McAdams Floral, Content Writer at FuneralOne

Mourning pins not only help the grieving during the funeral service of their loved one, but also provide comfort and help throughout the grief process. Thank you Kate!

Don Eisenhauer

Author Coaching at End of Life

Our favourite new idea of the day goes to MourningCross from Dundalk.  The idea, Funeral Symbols to be worn by the close family of the bereaved, identifying to the mourners who they should not only pay respects to but to share favourite stories with. Simple, effective and essential to help within the grieving process.


Old emblems brought back for wakes and funerals.”There seems there was a need without people even knowing it.  When the Mourning symbols became available another element of the funeral process fell neatly into place”.

Rowan Hand