When we lose a loved one, our lives change forever. We want the world to stop – but it doesn’t.

We expect everyone to have heard of our loss – but they haven’t.

We grieve and try to get back to normality – but it’s difficult. Sometimes very difficult.

Wearing a bereavement pin is one way of remembering a loved one and is an outward expression of inner grief.

When we are grieving people want to support us. They want to show us they care. But often they don’t know. Wearing a bereavement pin is a respectful way of saying silently “I am grieving”. It is a way of expressing to others that you are not your usual self – that you are still mourning a loss.


The elegant bereavement pins, which also serve as treasured keepsakes, are offered in black or white high gloss, enamel stainless steel and are available in the shape of a cross or, as a non-denominational option, a circle. Both have a center image of a dove in flight and are presented on a card with the expressive poem, “It’s My Time,” by poet Jacky Newcomb.

The bereavement pin have a butterfly clasp and are suitable to be worn on all clothing.

“I wear it all the time. I feel it is keeping me in touch with my loved one. It’s nice to wear a symbol of mourning with pride in remembrance of a loved one”

Alice Brooks

The crosses are beautiful. The simplicity, quality and design are very nice. Just to have an outlet to show my grief “appropriately” is a relief

Mary Northup

Both my parents passed away last year. As you can imagine I am still grieving. The crosses are really lovely. I feel that it is very important to acknowledge when one is grieving