We all want to mark the passing of our loves in a unique and special way and it is a very personal journey, most families visit a grave as their memorial and that’s great if you live close and can visit. If you are not close and wish to pay tribute to your loved one, there are many ways keep your loved close. Below are some suggestions.

Memorial Tree

Deciding to plant a tree in honor of a beloved family member is a wonderful way to pay tribute in a meaningful and lasting way, it also provides a connection between the person and the earth.

If you plant a tree you will also help our environment stay healthy and you will also:

  • Contribute to the environment;
  • Help manage water supplies;
  • Keep our air clean;
  • Replenish oxygen;
  • Help capture greenhouse gas emissions;
  • Increase the area in which species can thrive;
  • Enable wildlife to move through the landscape.

How much will it cost to plant a tree?

It is relatively inexpensive to plant a tree, it usually costs around £25 which will depend on the organisation you work with.

What trees are planted?

You can choose from a variety of tree types e.g. Alder, Ash, Aspin, Birch, Elm, Holly, Hazel, Willow, Oak, Rowan etc. The time of year may dictate what exact tree you are able to plant, you will be advised what is available.

Questions to might want to ask when deciding to plant a tree.

  • Can I mark the tree in some way, e.g. a plaque or rock?
  • Can I plant flowers around the base of the tree?
  • Will the tree ever be cut down?
  • What happens if the tree that is planted dies?
  • Who actually plants the tree, i.e. digging and planting the tree properly?

Unique bereavement ideas

It you have ever wondered how you can give someone a memorial gift after a death, you might want to consider giving a gift of planting a tree.  Contact your local organisation and they will be able to organise a the details for you.

Did you know that you can plant a tree anywhere?

Below provides a list of organisations that can help you plant a tree:

Greenacres Wood and Burials

National Forest.org

Life for a Life

Wood land and Trust

Jewish National Fund

Sympathy gifts

We often want to support families and the people we love who have lost someone special. Giving a token of your love and support may come in the form of a variety of sympathy gifts, roses are synomous with death and each colour its own meaning i.e. deep red rose evokes love and grief. The yellow rose is often given by friends to show their bond. The rarer dark pink roses are used to express thankfulness to the deceased

Rose Trees

There are many products available to give as sympathy gifts, our mourning cross bereavement pin is also a lovely sympathy gift to give to someone can be purchased by going to shop.

There are many ideas to choose from and you can be assured the person/family will appreciate your thoughtfulness and kindness.

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